Presumption or Promise?

  A quintessential, summer morning sail along the Maine coast includes lobster boats and pots, wharf smells and screeching gulls, lifting fog and salty breeze filling hoisting sails, and a sense of uncertainty and adventure as one heads for open seas.   In her poem “As if the Sea should part”, Emily Dickinson likened theContinue reading “Presumption or Promise?”

Into the Wind

By trimming the sails, a good sailor skillfully pulls the wind into the canvas, dominates the prevailing, opposing and shifting gusts, and maneuvers his boat forward. He or she knows their boat’s capabilities, reads maps, sets the course, watches the skies, and catches the breeze with skill and strength . Know-how, common sense, intuitiveness, andContinue reading “Into the Wind”

Coffee Thoughts…

Early morning on the river’s shore, Listening to the flowing, rippling water Watching the rising sun and settling moon in an expanding universe Sipping a cup of coffee…. Peace, solitude, Then intruding thoughts…Life! Meaningless or purposeful? Insignificant or valued? The search for truth… History? Science? Philosophy? Religion? Same goals? Cohesive? Or clashing, exclusive ideologies defendedContinue reading “Coffee Thoughts…”

Land that I Love

Although written during WW1 and revised in 1938 when WW11 was on the horizon and a great testing for America lay ahead, Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America” has always been my favorite patriotic song and musical prayer for America. As a kid, I remember sitting in front of  our floor model radio and listening toContinue reading “Land that I Love”

Timing is Crucial!

     We know plants bloom or fruit at specific times. Field daises flower, crab apples blossom, and pond lilies emerge on schedule. There are seasons to life, and at some point, we become aware that “time” for us is unpredictable and limited and that there are no extensions or redo’s. Our responses to thisContinue reading “Timing is Crucial!”

Does God have a Budget?

If we are wise, we work, budget, don’t over extend our credit, and live within our means. But our fortunes are tied to more than the money we earn or save. The cost of living changes as the economy fluctuates,  a fact we have recently experienced during the pandemic as the production and supply ofContinue reading “Does God have a Budget?”

Why Do Birds Sing (or Ducks Quack)

  One beauty of Spring in Maine is the recrudescence of nature’s music. After winter’s silence, (except for a few cawing crows, screaming Jays, screeching  gulls and the occasional tweet of an Eagle or osprey) an amazing cacophony of peeping frogs and sweet bird voices bursts forth as the rest of the world is resurrectedContinue reading “Why Do Birds Sing (or Ducks Quack)”

The Johnny Appleseed Psalm!

My Grandmother used to say, “A watched pot never boils.” Spring in Maine is a bit like that. The more one looks for it, the longer it takes! But when it eventually arrives, it does so with a dramatic explosion of beauty. By late May, flowering apple trees grace yards, highlight country roads, and bringContinue reading “The Johnny Appleseed Psalm!”

Magical Thinking?

Memorial Day is a day of “remembering”. Originating in the post civil war period as Decoration Day, it is now a Federal holiday designated to honor US military veterans who  died while serving our country. However, the day has morphed into not only a day filled with ceremonies, parades, flags, and wreaths to remember allContinue reading “Magical Thinking?”


There is something calming about strolling through simple, precise vignettes of rock and sand, beautiful flowering trees and ornamental shrubs, meandering streams and murmuring waterfalls, and fish pools interspersed with reflective spaces containing old pots, bowls, lanterns or religious symbols. These natural and symbolic elements invoke a sense of orderliness and serenity, of antiquity andContinue reading “Shalom”