Whose Kingdom?

There he perched, King of the Birds, quietly surveying his wintry kingdom while sitting high atop an old dead tree on a little island in Sullivan Harbor. Majestic, magnificent, powerful, and properly feared. Not a gull was in sight! As I watched him, I was reminded of several Old Testament passages which beautifully and poeticallyContinue reading “Whose Kingdom?”

Beyond the Glorious

Do you ever wonder what people might be thinking as they sit mesmerized by the rising surf and rhythmic pounding of breakers slamming the rocky coast or by waves gently lapping the shores of an in-land lake or by long, open vistas of plains and mountain and valleys? Do they see beyond the glories ofContinue reading “Beyond the Glorious”

Valleys and Mountains

 In his hand are the deep places of the earth; The heights of the mountains are his also . Psalm 95:4 Not everyone agrees with this Psalmist’s sentiments. The origin and the vastness of our universe both hide and declare great mysteries. Whether one accepts creation as secondary to happenstance, or to intelligent design, orContinue reading “Valleys and Mountains”