No Escaping Love!

“The earth is the Lord’s… and all who live within it.” (Psalm 24:1) (1 Corinthians 10:26) Scripture is clear that the Universe is God’s. He is its Designer, Creator and Redeemer. Because evil has broken into our world through mankind’s fallen, sinful nature, God’s love for humanity may not always seem evident to us. However,Continue reading “No Escaping Love!”

Treachery’s Anguish — Shakespeare, King David and Jesus

“Blow, blow, thou winter wind.” That was my Grandmother’s lament on cold, windy, winter days and the only line I remember from Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.” However, those words had a different meaning when sung by Shakespearean actors. They were a simile for the bitter disappointment of a relationship ruined by disloyalty: “Blow, blow, thouContinue reading “Treachery’s Anguish — Shakespeare, King David and Jesus”

Thanksgiving Grace!

Turkeys, which had been extinct in Maine since colonial days until they were very successfully reintroduced here in 1977, always remind me of the traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner, of hunting with my Dad, of family gatherings, of reading Henry W. Longfellow’s The Courtship of Miles Standish in the 8th Grade, of pilgrims, of funny hats, and of Native Americans sharingContinue reading “Thanksgiving Grace!”

Fiddleheads and Grace

Eating “Fiddleheads” is a Maine culinary experience which dates back to early Native American days. A “Fiddlehead” is a curled fern frond which can be found for a brief time in the Spring before it unfurls to become a mature fern leaf. Time changes “Fiddleheads” to ferns. Oddly enough, this picture takes me back toContinue reading “Fiddleheads and Grace”

Geraniums and Grace

Preview(opens in a new tab) To know the true character of a “home” we must familiarization ourselves with its interior, not just its facade. Sadly, some beautifully, manicured houses are filled with pain and horror. But conversely, secreted within this dilapidated farmhouse are years of warm memories, an obscured loveliness, and a question! Behind itsContinue reading “Geraniums and Grace”