Land that I Love

Although written during WW1 and revised in 1938 when WW11 was on the horizon and a great testing for America lay ahead, Irving Berlin’s “God Bless Americaā€¯ has always been my favorite patriotic song and musical prayer for America. As a kid, I remember sitting in front of  our floor model radio and listening toContinue reading “Land that I Love”


There is something calming about strolling through simple, precise vignettes of rock and sand, beautiful flowering trees and ornamental shrubs, meandering streams and murmuring waterfalls, and fish pools interspersed with reflective spaces containing old pots, bowls, lanterns or religious symbols. These natural and symbolic elements invoke a sense of orderliness and serenity, of antiquity andContinue reading “Shalom”

Freedom Rings

Nestled in the picturesque Machias valley lies this historic New England village. The Church in this photo played a role in the first naval battle of the Revolutionary War during which local patriots captured a British ship, the Margaretta, took it up Middle River, (foreground) and scuttled it.   New England villages are steeped withContinue reading “Freedom Rings”