Some Go Down to the Sea

This fisherman, heading for his boat on a dull, blustery, fall day with rising winds and heightened waves, reminds me of Psalm 107 where “Some went down to the sea in ships…” This Psalm lifts us out of our dilemmas and trials by pointing us to God’s sovereignty and redemptive power over all His creation,Continue reading “Some Go Down to the Sea”

Changing Landmarks

                                   “Remove not the ancient landmark” (Proverbs 23:10) Until recently, the alignment of these chimneys and their mossy roof with the chimney shaped lighthouse in the bay beyond had always been a landmark that caught my imagination. The old chimney is gone! Torn down. Now it has become a reminder of how time may shift ourContinue reading “Changing Landmarks”

Commending God

Another beautiful day begins on the Maine Coast, where there is always something old to be taught and something new to learn … Down east accents murmur and drift across the water as this old salt and his unseasoned stern man (maybe father and son) plan the day and begin their work adventure together. DuringContinue reading “Commending God”