Morning Prayer

     A new day with its fresh possibilities is best begun with thoughtful consideration of our Great God, whose purposes for us are grand and wonderful and whose thoughts toward us are “precious” and “vast” and more numerous that “the grains of the sea”. (Psalm 139) Praying Psalm 143 is a wonderful way to start eachContinue reading “Morning Prayer”

The Way forward

The way forward is often uncertain and rarely takes a straight line. Sometimes, we are fine with the routine, the boring, and small pleasures. Sometimes, we long for the sun to brighten the way ahead! But all the time, there are questions lurking about, shrouded in the deep, foggy crevices of our minds. We desireContinue reading “The Way forward”

Rocky Shores and Firm Foundations

  Looking back from the sea, this lobsterman can visually grasp the firm foundation of our great state. Maine has magnificent rock formations from its mountain ranges and slate and granite quarries to its rockbound coast with rugged, beautiful cliffs and outcroppings that hang jagged and high over the Bold Coast trail in Cutler. PinkContinue reading “Rocky Shores and Firm Foundations”