Blood, Sweat and Tears

      The idiom  “blood, sweat and tears” is usually associated with hard work and not with poultry! That saying has often been attributed to Winston Church in his address to the UK in 1940 and was also the name of a 1960’s  brass-jazz-rock group. But the term predates Mr. Churchill and rock bands. It was usedContinue reading “Blood, Sweat and Tears”

Changing Landmarks

                                   “Remove not the ancient landmark” (Proverbs 23:10) Until recently, the alignment of these chimneys and their mossy roof with the chimney shaped lighthouse in the bay beyond had always been a landmark that caught my imagination. The old chimney is gone! Torn down. Now it has become a reminder of how time may shift ourContinue reading “Changing Landmarks”

Safety in Troubled Waters

Life is unpredictable. There is beauty and joy but also darkness and sorrow. Sometimes our reality is external chaos and inner turmoil as we deal with human tragedies and conundrums that leave us discouraged, frustrated, anxious, angry, or fearful.  When we are buffeted and battered by difficult, sad, and trying times, we need encouragement andContinue reading “Safety in Troubled Waters”