Inaudible Shouts…

“Magnificent!”. “Glorious!” Beautiful!” Those exclamations echoed around the garden as visitors admired the flowering shrubs and peony blossoms. The adage that “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” holds some truth. We have individual aesthetics or preferences and subjectively value the quality of the tangible or intangible. So, is beauty a reality or anContinue reading “Inaudible Shouts…”

Year Around Gardening and Earth Day

 Perhaps the reason so many of us enjoy gardening is because God planted a very “good” garden “eastward in Eden” and turned its stewardship over to humanity ! (Genesis 1:10-12; 2:8,9,15; 3:18)     April 22nd has been observed as “Earth Day” in the United States since 1970.  Although long standing, conflicting ideas about humanity’s responsibilityContinue reading “Year Around Gardening and Earth Day”

Lilies and Life

While teaching his followers about proper life perspectives, Jesus talked about the importance of being genuine, that seeking approval and self promotion by showing off  superficial, self-righteous piety is arrogant and disingenuous, that the distractions of our material world capture our imaginations and desires and divert us from the more important matters of our spirits,Continue reading “Lilies and Life”