Solitude and Solace

   Even the extroverts among us need solitude (even in a pandemic) — a time and place free for uninterrupted thought and meditation, for processing life, for resting weary minds and reviving waning spirits, and for re-energizing tired bodies. Calmness and refreshment may be found behind a door which shuts out our universe for aContinue reading “Solitude and Solace”

Rocky Shores and Firm Foundations

  Looking back from the sea, this lobsterman can visually grasp the firm foundation of our great state. Maine has magnificent rock formations from its mountain ranges and slate and granite quarries to its rockbound coast with rugged, beautiful cliffs and outcroppings that hang jagged and high over the Bold Coast trail in Cutler. PinkContinue reading “Rocky Shores and Firm Foundations”

And the Winner is…..

We are born contenders! Most of us enjoy some form of individual or group competition. We love to cheer on our favorite teams and challenge each other with family games, pickup basketball, and school sports. We test ourselves in attempts to better our individual swim and running times, to improve our golf game, tennis swingContinue reading “And the Winner is…..”

Despair or Hope

There is something poetic and literary about these beach strollers as they attempt to find enjoyment in this dense fog. While wandering about, coming and going, and disappearing into the mist, they conjure up metaphors and raise questions about the mysteries and brevity of life. They are reminiscent of the desperate, meandering shadows of Shakespeare’sContinue reading “Despair or Hope”

A break in the Storm

When I was around ten years old, our small Church had a Junior Choir consisting of seven or eight “kids”. We were quite angelic in our little, white robes as we sang joyfully and with great gusto during Sunday Worship Service. I still remember the refrain of one of those songs: “The Storms may comeContinue reading “A break in the Storm”

New Beginnings

Watching the sun peek over the horizon to gaze upon the awakening day is spirit lifting! Sunrises offer us new beginnings.  Even when we carry old business forward, dawn brings freshness and excitement, a renewed hope, and an anticipation for possibilities, yet to be experienced. Even the weeping Prophet, Jeremiah, found this to be true:Continue reading “New Beginnings”

Valleys and Mountains

 In his hand are the deep places of the earth; The heights of the mountains are his also . Psalm 95:4 Not everyone agrees with this Psalmist’s sentiments. The origin and the vastness of our universe both hide and declare great mysteries. Whether one accepts creation as secondary to happenstance, or to intelligent design, orContinue reading “Valleys and Mountains”

Geraniums and Grace

Preview(opens in a new tab) To know the true character of a “home” we must familiarization ourselves with its interior, not just its facade. Sadly, some beautifully, manicured houses are filled with pain and horror. But conversely, secreted within this dilapidated farmhouse are years of warm memories, an obscured loveliness, and a question! Behind itsContinue reading “Geraniums and Grace”